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Welcome in world of sensors
In step with technology: Creative and highly committed employees make a significant contribution to Baumer’ s success story. Successful individuals are always willing to learn throughout their life. The knowledge that the employees possess therefore guarantees the future of the company.
Product Lines :
 Sensor Solutions
 Motion Control
 Vision Technologies
 Photoelectric sensors
Position sensor for detecting objects independent of material
 Encoder / Motion Control
High precision angle and rotary motion measurement
 Inductive sensors
Position sensor for detecting conductive metal materials
 Actuator and positioning drives
Electrical drives with integrated power electronics and position control
 Capacitive sensors
Position sensor for detecting conductive and non-conductive materials
 Magnetic sensors
Magnetic sensors – optimized for rotative and linear applications
 Ultrasonic sensors
Independent of color and transparency different materials can be detected
 Magnetic cylinder sensors
Magnetic Cylinder Sensors control the position of the cylinder‘ s piston in pneumatic cylinders
 Smart vision sensors
…for typical sensor applications: detection of presence, completeness, location, correct positions.
 Force and strain sensors
High quality products for measurement of force and strain.
 Precision limit switches My-Com
Measuring and control switches with high accuracy
 Pressure sensors
High quality products for measurement of pressure.
 AS-i, Actuator Sensor Interface
for an easy connection of sensors and actuators to the control system via AS-i bus system




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