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Carlo Gavazzi is a multinational electronics group active in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic and electrical components targeted for the global markets of industrial automation, building automation and energy. Founded over 80 years ago, our experience and knowledge are unparalleled. Our core competence in automation spansacross five product ranges: Sense, Switch, Control, Fieldbus and EcoEnergy Equipment.
Our wide array of products includes solid state relays, sensors, monitoring relays, energy metering and management products, contactors, motor controllers, fieldbus systems and a
growing range of renewable energy products and solutions.We have our headquarters in Europe and numerous offices spanning the globe. Our R&D competence centers and
manufacturing facilities are located in Denmark, Italy, Lithuania,Malta and China. With 21 wholly-owned sales companies and exclusive distributors in 70 other countries, from the Pacific Rim in the East to North America in the West, you are assured that product support, service and inventory are only a phone call or email away.Carlo Gavazzi products have earned the independent approval of the relevant bodies which govern our own industry and the many industries we serve. They are developed and manufactured in full compliance with the most important international standard regulations.
Carlo Gavazzi manufacturing facilities operate with the requirements of ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System standard. Focus is on the reduction of environmental
damage arising from our production processes in particular air pollution, chemical waste and rejects.




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