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In 1899, Franz Klöckner founds a manufacturing company in Cologne, Germany for electrical switching devices; Hein Moeller joined the company in 1911 and develops the first three-phase oil-insulated contactor in 1912
The company becomes Klöckner-Moeller in the 1940s and then becomes Moeller GmbH in 1999 to celebrate its centennial
In the 1990s the Moeller Test Laboratory in Bonn is the first German laboratory to be accredited for industrial low-voltage devices and systems
Eaton Corporation acquires the Moeller Group in 2008, a leading manufacturer of components for residential building applications, circuit protection and industrial controls for machinery applications in Europe, and CopperLogic Inc. in 2010, a industrial equipment manufacturer and distributor of industrial control products with strong channel in the US and Canada
XC100 is the new high-performance compact PLC from the XSystem automation range for small and medium sized tasks up to 250 I/Os.
The device has eight digital inputs and six digital outputs with electrical isolation as well as an integral CANopen interface. Further I/Os can be connected directly to the CPU via the parallel bus on the rear of the device which assures short reaction times.
The XSoft programming software (conforming to IEC 61131) unifies program generation, configuration, test/commissioning and process display. The universal data management concept guarantees data consistency and assures reduced cost engineering.
Individual I/O configuration
Further sensors and actuators can be connected via the modular I/O system XI/OC directly to the XC100.
Plug-in or screw-in
It is not necessary to rewire when a module is added or exchanged as all the I/O modules are equipped with plug-in connection terminals. Screw or spring-loaded terminals can be selected.
Simple and cost-effective networking
Networking multiple XC100 devices is easy. The integral CANopen interface of the XC100 enables data exchange between the controls. The definition of global network variables is sufficient.
XSoft-Professional – programming to international standards
The XSoft-Professional programming system offers a wide range of features for programming, testing and commissioning the Modular PLC XC100/200 with the aim of cost cutting by reducing engineering and diagnostic times.
The efficient intelligent controller with direct connection to the world of IT
The new XC200 series modular PLC offers high processing capacity and outstanding communication features.
Apart from the RS232 interface, these features are facilitated by a CANopen fieldbus interface for connection of standard fieldbus components and by the integrated Ethernet interface. It can be used as the programming interface and for efficient data transfer between PLCs or other devices with Ethernet interfaces.
The OPC server also simplifies the connection with the standardised OPC client applications. All XC201..-XV devices feature an integrated WEB Server.
The XC-CPU-201 is ideal where high-speed cycles and great communication capability are the order of the day.
The efficient specialised intelligent XC200 Web Server for convenient remote access.
The integrated web server enables access to the PLC data via standard WEB browsers. Creation of WEB pages is implemented with the XSoft programming system. Knowledge of special software tools for WEB design applications is not necessary.
XSoft-Professional – programming to international standards
The XSoft-Professional programming system offers a wide range of features for programming, testing and commissioning the Modular PLC XC100/200 with the aim of cost cutting by reducing engineering and diagnostic times.
Compact PLCs – PS4 Range
Compact control and regulation
PS4 is a system of perfectly matched components for control, regulation, positioning, measurement, signalling, storage and much more.
It consists of three device types, which can be combined as required depending on your automation task:
Programmable logic controllers (PS4).
Local expansion modules (LE4) which can be plugged onto the PS4.
Expansion modules (EM4) which can be networked with the PLC.
These components deliver precisely the performance you require
XVision text display controls
XVision Text display controls combine text display features and a powerful PLC in a single device.
The common XSOFT software for XVision and XControl with central data management reduce the engineering costs to a minimum. Connection to the peripherals is established via the integrated CANopen interface or via the local I/Os.
XVision text display controls are available as modular and compact units.
XVision modular text display controls
These MMI-PLCs consist of a PLC (XC100), the text display (XV-100) and up to 3 I/O modules (XI/OC). The respective slots for these modules are available on the rear of the text display. The modular design enables an optimum application-suitable device configuration and reduces the hardware costs.
XVision compact text display controls
The XVision compact XVC-100 text display control combines minimum installation dimensions with high interface integration density, such as CANopen, RS 232, I/O and technology modules.
The MMI is equipped with a keypad with eight function keys and an LCD display with 8 lines x 20 characters.
NZM Moulded Case Circuit-Breakers – NZM 1, 2, 3 & 4
Moeller’s new NZM 1, 2, 3 & 4 moulded case circuit breakers are the only truly modular range on the market.
The uniquely uniform approach to mounting, operation, switching and accessories means you save time and money. The high quality design and construction means you go on saving, year after year. Plus with our highly competitive pricing, you can start saving now.
optional data management interfacefor improved diagnostics and rapid fault analysis
common base plateon all rotary handles for faster installation
four switches with switching levels from 25 kA – 150 kA
compact size saves panel space
toggle actuator or rotary option
identical operation, function, mounting and fitting for each frame size
standard mounting spacersfor user-friendly installation
uniform range of auxiliary contacts and releaseswith simple screw or spring-loaded connection
innovative double-break contact systemfor enhanced performance
option of plug-in and withdrawable units
free software enables setting-specific representation of tripping characteristics of several devices on the same scales.
Communication opens up new possibilities
NZM and IZM circuit-breakers open up new possibilities for power distribution and automation with their communication capability. They can log all the information data important for the operation, indicate the status locally and then communicate them on to higher-level systems. In this way, the transparency of the system is increased and reaction times to critical states like overcurrent, phase imbalance or phase failure are reduced. Rapid intervention in a process can help avoid system breakdowns, and preventive maintenance can be planned. This enhances system and machine availability and avoids costly production downtimes.
The electronic releases provide an interface for an optional data management interface. A display permits all currents measured by the circuit-breaker and which have led to tripping due to a mains fault, to be displayed. This function saves using a number of ammeters and allows rapid fault analysis. The bus coupler from the familiar “easy” automation range from Moeller creates the link to standardized bus systems such as Profibus DP.
Universal Accessories
The mode of operation and fitting of the accessories is identical for every frame size. Contacts from the RMQ-Titan range of control circuit devices are used across the entire NZM range of circuit-breakers. This ensures a reduction in the variety of types, a decrease in ordering expense and effort and consequently, simpler stock-keeping.
The contact elements simply clip in from the front. The position determines the function: signalling contact or trip-indicating auxiliary contact.
The door coupling rotary handle – for uniform, flexible solutions
Because the base plate is the same for every door coupling rotary handle, an identical drilling diagram is used – so speeding up installation times. The switches can also be fitted vertically or horizontally in the control panel.
Up to 630 A, the side wall operator enables the switch to be operated from the right or left hand side as desired. Optional fitting of our mounting bracket results in optimum use of space in the control panel.
The mounting plate can thus be used for other machine control elements.
The remote operators – simple, uniform operation
Remote operators The concept of uniform functions brings about simpler operation for all remote operators. The spring-powered actuator permits closing delays of 100ms, so allowing use in the field of synchronization. Short function sequences and fewer parts ensure a high degree of stability and a long service life. Safety is also enhanced by the sealing option for the Auto function and by the facility for padlocking the remote operator.
The actuator – toggle or rotary
The new range of circuit-breakers is actuated as standard using the tried and tested toggle lever. Three switch positions On, Off and Tripped indicate the status of the device. For typical disconnector applications, where no voltage release is required, Moeller offers competitively-priced PN switch-disconnectors with switch position indication 0 and 1.
Depending on individual requirements, toggling can be converted to a rotary movement by fitting a rotary handle. When using the main- or Emergency-Stop switch with a rotary handle, it can be locked using up to three padlocks. The rotary handles are also available in red/yellow for Emergency-Stop functions.
Clever Mounting and Connection Increases Economy
The spacer – saving time and expense
Using the standard mounting rings, all the switches are easily positioned at the same front height, so individual preparation of spacers is not necessary.
The result is a fast and cost-effective alternative to the door coupling rotary handle with extension shaft for external operation of the circuitbreaker. This innovation gains time and saves expense.
The terminations
Whether you are using copper or aluminium cable, copper strip or copper busbar, the NZM has the appropriate connection for them all. For example, the box terminal on NZM 2 and 3 can be opened at the top to facilitate insertion of conductors. An add-on shroud achieves IP20 degree of protection.
Innovative switching technology
Innovative switching technology with a double-break contact system speeds up the switching process. In the event of a short circuit, the special shape and materials selected produce repelling magnet power that pushes the contacts apart in a fraction of a sine wave. Switching capacities up to 150kA and operational voltages up to 690V can be managed without difficulty. The simultaneous reduction in heat dissipation creates benefits for use in control panels.
A concept for a top-level performance spectrum
The IZM from Moeller represents a concept for open-type circuit-breakers which nowadays far exceeds the industry standard worldwide.
Designed on the basis of the most up-to-date protection technology from the system sector, these switches open up new dimensions in the rating range from 630A to 6300A. This refers not only to their switching capacity, but also to the functions they offer, particularly as regards communication, simplicity of handling and installation. With IZM, you put your trust in a performance standard that will give you decisive advantages.
The system that offers more focused protection
The IZM is equipped as standard with the latest microprocessor-controlled electronics. Where necessary, the rated current range 630A–6300A, can be extended to 250A–6400A, by means of rating plug adapters. This feature enables flexible, precise matching to the power requirement in your system. There is a choice of four different control units, providing optimum protection for your system, from straightforward system protection with overload – and short-circuit releases – to digital circuit-breakers with graphical display and the option of building time-selective networks. This is a system you can depend on.
Current rating 630A–6300A
The new, open-type IZM circuit-breakers of sizes 2 and 3 already fully cover the previous range 800 to 6300A. The new, smaller size 1 expands the rating range downwards to 630A. By exchanging a rating plug, this range can be further expanded to as little as 250 A – and all this with a setting range from 0.4 to 1 x ln.
Uniform Dimensions
The IZM has a uniform component height and depth over the whole current spectrum. Only the component width varies with the number of poles and the frame size.
IZM circuit-breakers come with horizontal connections as standard. The following termination options are available: vertical connection, frontally accessible connections, and flanged connections.

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