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Industrial Automation provides products, systems and application expertise in the field of Factory- and Machine Automation. The product portfolio includes: PLCs, Industrial PCs, HMIs, Industrial Networks, Motion Control, Frequency Inverters, Sensors, Vision Systems, Safety, Servo Drives, Temperature Controllers, Relays, Timers, Counters, Monitoring Systems and many more industrial components.
Through Omron proprietary technologies, Omron develops electronic components that meet the high-tech demands of modern society. These key components can be found in almost every automated or digital product we come across in our day-to-day lives.

Basic Solution
Our solution is designed to be compact and complete to a whole range of simple applications like conveyors, fans and pumps with small power ratings up to 7,5kW. New features like built in EMC Filter & RS485 modbus have been added to make these basic solutions easier to install and integrate into today’s systems.

Compact Solution
Our experience as the European leader in compact solutions has enabled us to attain the correct balance between motor and machine control. Thanks to the inverter’s advanced design and algorithms, motor control is achieved at a high starting torque and with accuracy.  Functionality such as safety is embedded. Industrial network integration or logic programming is fully integrated into this compact range of inverters.

General Purpose
With a range of up to 1000kW, this reliable drive family provides excellent starting torque and accurate speed control for use in any machine or in a production line. A wide choice of IP ratings, network communication options, application-specific drive software and a range of standard and optional I/Os makes these inverters the most widely used in Europe.

Lift Applications
Thanks to our extensive market experience in lift and host applications, we have developed specific inverter technology that satisfies the requirements of this market. It offers all the benefits of our high quality standards, including noiseless operation and energy saving functionality.

IP54 Solutions
The IP54 series is designed in a robust housing for distributed installation. The MX2 IP54 offers up to 15 kW with hardware flexibility and open communication. The SX inverter is able to drive high power applications from 0.75 kW up to 1000 kW in closed-loop control. Both inverter series include built-in logic programming.

Application software
With our new inverter series, you have the perfect tool for the job, providing solutions for customised applications. It gives a standard inverter the performance of a custom-made solution, allowing huge savings in hardware and increasing the overall system reliability. The inverter made for you.

Easy vision sensors
Set up in minutes. The FQ is an innovative vision sensor to solve easy applications. It features a simple 3 step procedure to configure an inspection function, just Teach & Go.

Vision systems
Performance in touch with simplicity, the Xpectia series is defining a new class of vision systems: real colour sensing, high resolution, 3D functionality and intuitive user guidance combined, provides you pure simplicity, no matter how complex the inspection.

Code Readers
The new Datamatrix and Barcode readers comes with the excellent image quality of FQ Vision Sensors. The integrated high power LED lightning and the HDR imaging technology enables dependable code reading even in challenging applications.

Pick & Place sensors
Fast and precise positioning Omron offers vision sensor designed for motion tracking. The sensors are optimized to detect at high speed with high accuracy the position and orientation of any object.

Industry Vision Solutions
Fit for Industry – Omron’s FlexXpect is a modular Vision platform featuring industry specific functionality. In combination with the powerful Xpectia hardware, the FlexXpect software modules take you into a new dimension of specialization. FlexXpect is simple to use and can be customized easily, to focus on your individual needs. The combination of Xpectia’s real colour sensing, high resolution and intuitive user guidance combined with the FlexXpect value added tools represents an unbeatable duo.

Illumination & accessories
For a complete inspection solution Omron offers a wide. range of vision accessories including lighting and lenses. Dedicated strobe controllers are available, which enable direct connection and control from the Omron vision systems.

Basic Temperature Controllers
Where simple, discrete temperature regulation and monitoring are required, our K8AB-TH, E5L, E5C2 or E5CSV controllers offer the best solution. The units offer basic control functionality: temperature alarm, simple ON/OFF control or single-loop PID control.

Digital & Process Controllers
For the majority of control applications, you will usually find the ideal solution in our E5_C controller series. Available with multi-functional inputs, these instruments offer reliable single-loop regulation. For more universal and process applications we offer you the E5_N-H(T) series. Advanced applications can be solved with our E5_R series controllers.

In-Panel Controllers
For in-panel temperature control Omron’s main product is CelciuXº, a modular multi-loop solution built around the concept of Control & Connectivity. CelciuXº can connect to a wide range of industrial networks and offers excellent control performance up to 250 loops in one system. Omron offers also the general purpose E5ZN multi-loop controller. Omron is also able to supply a wide range of PLC-based analogue control solutions.

Compact Square
E3Z Family – Compact size square sensors in plastic or stainless steel housing.


Wide variety of M18, M12, M6 and M5 size sensors in plastic or metal housing.

Miniature & Photomicro
Miniature size photoelectric sensors are ideal solutions for applications requiring high performance in small housings.

Longer Distance
For longer sensing distance requirements with background suppression (up to 1.2m) or retro reflective (up to 10m).

Fork Sensors
Fork sensors with slot widths from 5mm up to 25mm in plastic housing for simple installation.

Print Mark & Colour Sensors
Print mark sensors for the detection of black and coloured print marks and colour sensors for the identification of colours.

Light Curtains
Light curtains for height and profile measurement. Light curtains for area monitoring in robust or thin aluminium housing, suitable for elevator installations.

Special Models

Omron has a wide range of digital total counters. The LCD display range H7E consists of five types (total counting, time counting, tachometer and PCB total/time counters); the high visibility negative red LCD-type range (H7GP & H7HP) consists of total- and time-counting models.

Pre-Set Counters
With our range of pre-set counters, we offer you the possibility of controlling all the pre-scale settings you require. The range includes the world’s smallest front of 48 x 24mm type H8GN (including time functions), industrial standard housing with a front of 48 x 48mm version H7CX and the large size front of 72 x 72mm H7BX whereas the visibility is perfect from a wide angle and long distance.

Cam Positioners
If you wish to replace old-fashioned rotary cams with repeat-pattern control, Omron offers an electronic solution operating in combination with a rotary encoder. Omron’s cam positioner H8PS is a front-mounting model of 96 x 96mm with 8 outputs.

Fibers – general applications
For general applications the standard fibers offer a wide portfolio range of sizes from dia 0.5mm to M14, cylindrical and square housing shapes and standard or high-flex fibers.

Fibers – harsh environments
For applications in demanding environments with temperatures up to 400°C, aggressive chemicals or in vacuum, the harsh environment fibers provide the accuracy and reliability for a long operational life.

Fibers – special objects or installations
For challenging applications requiring highest precision down to 100µm, frequent bending in robot applications, area monitoring or for special objects and processes like the detection of wafers, labels, glass, liquids, etc, the special fibers provide the best fit-for-purpose performance.

Amplifiers – easy usage
For fast and simple set-up with one-button teaching or potentiometer adjuster, the easy-usage amplifiers are ideal for all standard applications.

Amplifiers – advanced functionality
For enhanced operational stability with challenging objects, extended signal processing and communication functionality, high speed applications or colour detection the advanced functionality amplifiers offer the flexibility and performance to provide easy solutions to challenging applications.

Analogue Solid-State Timers
The largest electronic analogue timer program available on the market. This range includes a 17.5mm timer (H3DS), a 22.5mm timer (H3DK) and a front panel/plug-in 48x48mm timer (H3CR). Where space is limited, Omron provides two very compact ranges, H3RN and H3YN.Digital Timers Electronic digital timers are very suitable for accurate settings and control. Omron’s H8GN is the world’s smallest 48 x 24mm electronic digital timer. In the 48 x 48mm range Omron has an advanced version (H5CX), with a two-colour display.Motor Timers Omron’s range of motor timers is focused on the mechatronic analogue timer H3AM which has an easy-to-see large setting dial with moving pointers.PCB Timers Omron’s H3FA DIP model timer for PC-board use provides contact and solid-state output.

Industrial Plug-in Relays
Comprehensive range of industrial relays capable of switching loads from just 100 micro amps up to 15 A, incorporating many features and contact configurations covering most industrial applications. Plug-in relays are used in combination with industrial sockets for DIN-rail mounting. Wiring by conventional screw terminals or by screwless clamp technology.

Industrial High Power Relays
The power relay range is able to switch high currents of up to 160 A in various contact configurations, as recently, the 4 pole 40 A G7Z series has been added to the portfolio. Power relays can be mounted using screws, clips or on a DIN rail, whereas wiring the cables is possible using screw, pcb or quick-connect terminals, depending on the product family.

Sealed / Latching / Power (DC load switching) Plug-in Relays
Special plug-in relays for those applications that cannot be solved by standard products as they require a hermetically sealed cover or latching contacts. The latter available as magnetic double winding coil or alternatively as ratchet version performing make / brake operation at each pulse input. MK-S(X) relays are designed for switching DC-loads.

Rope pull E-Stop switches
Conveyor systems require Emergency stop function along the whole length of the machine. Rope pull emergency stop switches provide this function along the whole line with mimimal wiring effort. Long rope spans, simple tensioning of the rope and a range of accessories in stainless steel support fast installation and enhanced durability.

E-Stop pushbutton switches
E-Stop switches are used to prevent movements that would endanger workers’ hands. They are used in industrial applications such as switchboards, two-hand-operation consoles and all other kinds of machines.
Panel Mounted
With a variety of output currents and voltages, Omron’s control–panel-mounted types of solid-state relay are available with or without built-in heat sink.

Socket Mounted
When you prefer socket-mounting types of solid-state relays we offer them with a variety of output currents and voltages.

Power Controllers
We also offer solutions for more advanced applications. The G3PX is a fully featured power controller; the G3ZA is a compact, easy-to-integrate unit for establishing a real power-control system out of standard SSRs.

Pushbutton Switches
This range consists of 16 and 22mm models with momentary or ON/OFF operation. They are available in various colours and shapes (round, square, etc.) and in lighted or non-lighted versions.

Key-Type Selector Switches
Also available in 16 and 22mm models, the switches in this range provide switch control using a key.

Knob-Type Selector Switches
These 16 or 22mm switches can be controlled by turning the knob. They come with momentary or ON/OFF operation.

The indicators in this range come in 16 or 22mm versions and in various shapes and colours.


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