Space Saving, Cost Saving
This space-saving design perfectly fits at
home in small machine control stations
as well as other enclosed applications
where space is critical.
While the ELC is perfectly suited for
applications with 40 I/O and less, it can also
be expanded to 512 I/O. That means there’s
no need to change to a different controller as
I/O needs expand. Furthermore, the ELC’s
2 communication ports can provide any
networking task. In remote mode, the
ELC exchanges and shares information
with up to 16 other devices, in normal
mode, the ELC can communicate with
up to 32 other devices. Its small size
allows for reduced panel size, and saves
valuable machine space.
The ELC provides the instruction set of a
large PLC in a small package. It is capable of
1-, 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-bit instructions, block
compare, block move, communications,
interrupts, clock/calendar and logic, over
240 instructions in all (except PB).
No Racks Required Large PLC Features Software
A DIN rail lets you add as many modules as Multiple communication ports, remote ELCSoft programs in standard ladder,
desired. Just snap on, and slide into place. I/O ability, data storage, high speed sequential function chart programming
All connections are done automatically. counters, high speed pulse outputs, or instruction. 
interrupts, timer resolution to 10 ms,
PIDs, plus much more…
ELC Modules
Easy Connectivity to Drives ELC Expansion Modules 
ELC communicates easily to MVX drives, ELC expansion modules provide the
eliminating the need to operate drives correct amount of I/O for application
by analog voltage/current or digital I/O. solutions. Choose 8 or 16 I/O expansion
Built-In Display ELC can access all of the parameters in modules added to the ELC processor
An integral LED display provides the MVX by serial communications, 256 I/O (128 Input and 128 Output).
user assigned process monitoring, error Saving money. For PB14, PC12, PA10, PH12, and 
messages, alarms, display, counts, 512 I/O. (256 Input and 256 Outputs)
and more… For PV28 Processor.
Remote Communication ELC Speciality Modules
All ELC analog type modules are In addition to the expansion specialty
capable of stand-alone operation. modules like analog in, out, Platinum
Mounted remotely, temperature, thermocouple, DeviceNet,
the ELC communicates to the analog PROFIBUS, and simulator switch module;
module through its communications can be added. The ELC-485APTR easily
port. The ELC also lets you read connects the RS485 port of MVX drive,
parameters, set parameters, use scale, controllers and other devices.
offset, and average values.
ELC Specifications