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Introducing The Eaton Graphics Panel

The power of pictures, perfectly sized.

If your application has as few as six to
eight pushbuttons, it can make good
business sense to switch to the Eaton
Graphics Panel (GP).
Traditional pushbuttons and other
control switches require panel space
and labor. Changes and upgrades come
with additional costs, not to
mention downtime. Larger control
panel requirements and limited
flexibility are more reasons why Eaton’s
GP makes good business sense.


High-end Graphics.
The New Eaton Graphics Panel
delivers outstanding graphical Operator
Inter face for little cost. The GP features:
• Clear graphics and TrueType fonts
• Ten user programmable Function Keys
• Easy programming and connection.
• Numeric entryWith the GP you can change
screens quickly, create gauges,
bar graphs, and scroll through
text messages.
  Versatile communications. 
The GP communicates with most major
PLC brands, allowing the GP to be
your standard choice for operator interface
solutions. With two communication ports the
GP can communicate with up to two different
PLC brands simultaneously. The GP can
communicate directly with Eaton’sI.T. I/O,
ModBus power monitoring equipment, and
MVX drives, making it the perfect choice for
drive applicationsthat require an operator
interface station
• RS-232 & RS-485 ports ensure easy
connection and communication with
• A built-in clock enables time/date
stamping of events
• The shift key doubles key capacity
to ten functions
• Program your OI to perform as
you choose
• The ELC supports a range of PLCs,
motion controllers or embedded