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Heating Elements

manufactures heating elements for heating water, oil, air/gas, acids, lyes and solid bodies.

 ELHANDASIA HEATERS has the know-how for customised production. Tailor-made solutions are developed quickly and at low price from the companyís own ideas or customer specifications, samples and drawings. Production of one-offs is daily practice at Gamma Therm.

ELHANDASIA Heaters combines quality with technical perfection and is acclaimed
as a reliable partner.

ELHANDASIA Heaters consist of flexible, highly compact tubular heating elements or durable, exchangeable ceramic cartridges for fitting into all tubular casings. Casings are supplied in materials to suit the medium ñ in stainless steel, steel, copper, various other alloys and in high – corrosion proof materials.

ELHANDASIA Heaters come equipped with or without caps, in various
degrees of protection, with temperature controller, cutout and further special
devices, as per requirement.