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Welded Tubes

Need Worled Class Welded Tubes & Pipes….?

           …. EES – Made In the Middle East.

we are a leading manufacturer & stockist of quality welded tubes & pipes in the Middle East providing a comprehensive range of standard & specialty

products including :

ANSI -pipe in standard and special grades for piping systems.

Tubes in metric and ISO sizes.

Heat exchanger and evaporator tubes in all grades.

      Condenser tubes.

Tubular heater tubes.

Dairy tubes for food industries.

Steel furnitureís Manufacturing applications.

Tubes & pipes for HVACR-Heating, Ventiliation, Air – Coditioning &Refrigeration.

Water pipes.

The seam-welded tubes & pipes are manufactured on our state-of-art High precision automatic Tube & Pie Mill with continuous in-line testing to ensure world class tubes & pipes of the highest international quality & integrity.

Tubes & pipes are produced in the following dimensions, with cosistent & close tolerances on outer diameter & wall thickness:

Outer diameter: 4 mm to 30 mm (+ / – 0.1 mm tolerance).

Wall thickness : 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm (+ / – 0.025 mm tolerance).

Production capacity is 20 meters per minute of quality, precision-welded tubes & pipes.

We are a focuesd team of people, each dediated to excellence in all they do. We are committed to providing outstanding products that meet or exceed our customerís expectations in quality, specification, sevice, delivery and exceptional value for money.